Senior Managers and Executives: Do you crave more impact and responsibility at work?

Let’s make a plan to get you there!

  • Do you ever feel caught in corporate politics and unsure how to turn the situation around to your advantage?
  • Do you ever feel thwarted by sticky work situations with no easy answers?  Or stuck in unhealthy work dynamics with your colleagues?
  • Ever sense that your lack of confidence is holding you back from getting the promotions and plum opportunities that others with less skill and experience are being offered?

The truth is: work often puts us in unfair situations, sometimes with leaders and colleagues we don’t connect with or even particularly like.  Working longer and harder doesn’t solve this – it burns you out and kills your creativity.

What you need to do is focus on developing the essential high-leverage leadership and communication skills you need.  Mastering the right skills not only sets you up for faster advancement, it opens up new perspectives and possibilities for you that might currently be in your “blindspot.” (And yes we all have some blindspots.)

Your work matters and you matter.

 Now is the not the time to “wait and see.”  It’s time to move your big career dreams and goals to the forefront of your mind and formulate the roadmap and steps you actually need to get there.

  • Picture yourself feeling confident and poised as you go into every meeting.
  • Imagine knowing how to skillfully lead your team to great results, maneuver around the office politics, and have your choice of exciting new work projects and opportunities.
  • Envision truly enjoying your time away from work instead of revisiting work scenarios over and over in your head? (No more burdening your friends and family with your high levels of stress!)

I work with motivated senior managers and leaders who are ready to have more impact and faster career growth in their organizations. I help you skyrocket your career by becoming a confident, influential leader who inspires others with your vision and effectively motivates your team to brilliant results.

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