Great Leaders Don’t Do All the Work

But they’ve done the work of learning how to lead

Your hard work is what got you to where you are today. But, whether you’re already an established senior executive or have been newly promoted, there’s a catch:

Your results depend on other people.

Which, let’s face it, can be a challenge. No matter how sharp you are.

This shift — from your success depending on your work, to it largely resting on your ability to inspire, influence and impact the work of others — is what I call a “success reboot.” And it‘s why so many in positions of leadership hit a plateau in their careers… because they never learned the finer points of getting work done through other people!

My name is Jo Ilfeld and I’m an executive coach with a PhD in Business. I work with seasoned executives and rising leaders to master the skills it takes to grow and retain top talent, and inspire outstanding performance in others. The skills that make the difference between being a successful individual… and being a standout leader.

My work focuses on four main areas:

catapult your career success

  • Lead with Clarity of Vision – Know the big picture and align your actions with those goals
  • Master the Art of Results – Shift how you manage time, tasks, and people for maximum impact
  • Develop Your Influence – Cultivate the communication skills and habits which move people to action
  • Deepen Your Executive Presence – Use your physical presence and confidence to engage and enroll others

Whether your sights are set on increasing your own influence, developing your people into high-impact leaders, or finding a more effective response to tough dynamics and personalities, I’ll help you navigate your next steps to becoming the wise, successful leader you’re here to be.

If you would like to explore working with me, the first step is to schedule a one-on-one strategy session to talk about your biggest challenge and the skills you need to develop so you get the results you want.

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